Airbus Pilot Cadet Training Programme

Escuela de Aviación México is the first flight school of a worldwide network that will propose the Airbus Pilot Cadet Training Programme, which provides a Commercial Airline Pilot License.


The programme, developed in cooperation with ENAC (Ecole Nationale d’Aviation Civile), has been designed to provide a harmonious curriculum from day one to the end of the course. In particular, it incorporates competency-based training & assessment (CBTA) starting from day one and targets an efficient and effective means of training to produce pilots that are immediately ‘operational’.




For the Mexico based course, the programme will be based on the following criteria:


Commercial Airline

Pilot Licence


EASA based standards incorporating Competency-based training & assessment (CBTA) criteria

Ground school/

Theoretical training

(14 EASA ground examinations)


·       750h+ theoretical ATPL (including PPL+PCL+ATP ground) training

·       Access to an e-ATPL for theoretical studies

·       Based on Knowledge, Skills & Attitude principles

·       Competency-based Training & Assessment programme

Flight training

Initial Phase

Approx. 250 H practical training

(simulator and aircraft)



Single Engine: Cessna 152/172

                         Diamond Aircraft DA20 & DA40                    

Multi Engine: Diamond Aircraft DA42

Regulatory Compliance

EASA based course that is adapted to the local country regulation approvals



Full course (ground & flight phases) are conducted in Mexico:

- CPL/IR/ME: theoretical, ground & flight training performed in Mexico with Escuela de Aviación México (Mexico City and flight training bases)
- JOC/MCC + Airbus A320 Type Rating programmes at the Airbus Mexico Training Centre, Mexico City


Approx. 20 months

Course language



Note that presently, this programme (beginning in January 2019) and screening assessments are only open to Mexican nationals.  Applicants from other countries should wait to apply to other locations, which will be announced progressively as our ab-initio programme is developed globally.


If you are from Mexico, please read the pre-requisites and screening & selection process below.



To apply to our programme, you will need to fulfil the following pre-requisites:

  • Mexican Nationality (Born in Mexico or with Mexican parents)
  • Min. 18 years of age
  • High School diploma
  • English (equivalent to ICAO level 3 – then minimum ICAO level 4 for type rating)*
  • Medical Class 1 Certificate (only required after completion of Online Assessment)


*If your level of English is not sufficient, English courses are available at the School in order to reach ICAO level 3.


Airbus Screening  & Selection process:

  • Online Assessment:

You are invited to undergo a preliminary online assessment to measure your physical and cognitive skills, Mathematical & English aptitudes and situational awareness.


Required Equipment: Computer/laptop with internet access, keyboard and mouse, audio headphones

Location: Anywhere (not on-site)

Fee: 40 USD*


  • On-site Assessment in Mexico City (Week beginning 26th November):

Candidates who pass the Online Assessment will then be invited to an On-site Assessment:

Equipment: Provided

Location: Mexico City

Fee: 155 USD*


Part 1:

- Aptitude test:

Eye-hand-foot coordination, short-term memory, mental arithmetic (including application eg. distance, speed, time and %), spatial orientation, multi-tasking, Physics, English & verbal reasoning tests

- Personality test


Part 2:

- Group exercises

- Interview in English

- Simulator evaluation

*We cannot accept claims for any reimbursement for assessments.


Please find below the link for the online assessment, you will be able to create your account directly on the website and to pay the assessment fee with a debit or credit card in order to start the test.


Please note that this on-line screening assessment is open worldwide via the below link, however only Mexican born candidates can apply for the Mexican programme. (If you are not of Mexican nationality (by birth), you should wait to apply for a different programme, coming soon):


Should you have further questions about the programme, please visit or contact us at


Hope to welcome you on board soon!


Please note that a discount of 5% will apply to the first batch of selected cadets.